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April 21, 2008 / ergonomic

Skills 4 Knowledge/Mind Worker Passport (19 commandments)

Pasaporte de Habilidades para un Trabajador del Conocimiento
version en español]

1. Not restricted to a specific age.
2. Highly engaged, creative, innovative, collaborative and motivated.
3. Use the information and develop knowledge in changing workplaces (not tied to an office).
4. Inventive, intuitive, able to know things and produce ideas.
5. Capable to create meaning socially constructed and contextually reinvented.
6. Reject the role of being an information custodian and associated rigid ways of organizing information.
7. Network maker, always connecting people, ideas, organizations, etc.
8. An ability to use many tools to solve many different problems.
9. Highly digital literate.
10. Competence to solve unknown problems in different contexts.
11. Learning by sharing, without geographical limitation.
12. Highly adaptable to different contexts/environments.
13. Be aware of the importance to provide open access to information.
14. Interest in context and adaptability of information.
15. Capable of unlearning quickly, and always bringing in new ideas.
16. Competence to create open and flat knowledge networks.
17. Continues learning (formal and informal) and update knowledge.
18. Constantly experiments new technologies (specially the collaborative ones).
19. Not afraid of failure.

[Marshall McLuhan: children are the message we send to the future]

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  1. Cristóbal Cobo / Apr 24 2008 12:19 pm

    Thanks for the link and the advice!



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