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April 12, 2007 / ergonomic

Innovation and Knowledge Creation

pautas para romper paradigmas en la UE

He encontrado un estudio sobre innovación en el que me he topado con algunas ideas especialmente interesantes. El trabajo se llama “European Innovation Scoreboard 2006. Comparative Analysis of Innovation Performance” (pdf), fue elaborado por Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (MERIT) and the Joint Research Centre (Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen) of the European Commission.

Las 5 dimensiones para evaluar la innovación de los países se determinó en torno a 5 variables (inputs y outputs).

INPUTS de innovación:

Innovation drivers, which measure the structural conditions required for innovation potential.
Knowledge creation, which measure the investments in R&D activities, considered as key elements for a successful knowledge-based economy.
Innovation & entrepreneurship, which measure the efforts towards innovation at firm level.

OUTPUTS de innovación:

Applications, which measure the performance, expressed in terms of labour and business activities, and their value added in innovative sectors.
Intellectual property, which measure the achieved results in terms of successful know-how.

Y este principio, teórico me parece especialmente interesante, porque explora una especie de ecuación matemática sobre la innovación:

Innovation efficiency can be measured as the ability of firms to translate innovation inputs into innovation outputs. The ratio between the EIS composite index for inputs (education, investment in innovation, etc) and outputs (firm turnover coming from new products, employment in high tech sectors, patents, etc) provides a simple measure of this relationship for national innovation systems by assuming a linear relationship between inputs and outputs.

Este mapa indica algunas de las prioridades
en la construcción de la innovación

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