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August 11, 2006 / ergonomic

Pensar en el conocimiento

Algunos apuntes para entender qué relación tiene el desarrollo de la W2 (ver recursos vía ciberescritura) con la generación del conocimiento colectivo, y especialmente para atender que la evolución tecnológica está detonando transformaciones -de carácter social- mucho más profundas de lo aparente.

“The speed of a change is accelerating more rapidly with each passing year. By the year 2010, human information now doubling every 18-24 month, is likely to doble every one three weeks” (MIT study , 1989).

“The open source software movement, Wikipedia, eBay, and MySpace further illustrate the power of crowds when organized the right way. Whereas these companies and initiatives haven’t previously appealed to old-line businesses, companies are now realizing that technological advances are allowing them to source to anyone connected to the network”.

4 conditions must exist for the crowd to be wise:

  • Diversity of opinion,
  • Independence of members from one another,
  • A specific kind of decentralization &
  • A good method for aggregating opinions.

Links recomendados:
James Surowiecki autor de “The Wisdom of Crowds


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