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November 9, 2005 / ergonomic

Girando de la Interactividad a la Proactividad

El futuro no será que todo sea interactivo, sino que la tecnología decida por tí. Aquí presento algunas de las pautas que se están trabajando para el desarrollo de la próxima generación de máquinas, que si bien no serán inteligentes, al menos serán capaces de aprender y a procesar información de manera bastante más similar a como nosotros lo hacemos hoy día. Aquí algunas pistas que provee el equipo de desarrollo de Intel.
Proactive: With the proactive computing model, computers will anticipate our needs and sometimes take action on our behalf. We will continue to interact with a few of our computers but the vast majority will be embedded deep within our physical environment where they will capture and may act on data without human intervention.Under this model, computers anticipate what people need and, when appropriate, take proactive steps to meet those needs, with little or no user interaction.
  1. The first three challenges starting with getting physical, involve creating and networking the billions of sensor nodes.
  2. The next three challenges represent a disciplined approach to the application of statistically grounded machine learning, to enable the leap between interactive and proactive computing.
  3. The final challenge is making it personal, a challenge to the entire research community to sustain the cycle of personal empowerment.
  • Make it PersonalEmpowering individuals and addressing their concerns over security and privacy.
  • Closing the Loop Bridging the gap between anticipating and acting on needs-predictably, and under human supervision.
  • Anticipation Creating proactive software that anticipates our needs and produces answers before they are required.
  • Dealing with Uncertainty Using statistical modeling to deal with uncertainty inherent in the physical world.
  • Planetary Scale Systems Developing software that works across a wide range of diverse platforms and networks.
  • Deep Networking Locally networking billions of embedded nodes; driving computing deeper into the infrastructure that surrounds us.
  • Getting Physical Connecting computers directly to the physical world around them.

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